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The importance of a Will cannot be underestimated.  It can make the difference between making sure your estate passes to those you want to benefit or the insecurity of never really knowing where your estate will end up.  Also Wills are not just for those who have a bit of money, they are essential for everyone.  If you do not make a Will and for some reason nobody claims your estate the government via a department called the Treasury Solicitor takes possession of your estate and if they cannot find anyone, your estate becomes state property.  The Treasury Solicitor has a daily list of the estates that have no beneficiaries and it is very long.  At any one time there are tens of thousands of unclaimed estates.

So if you want to ensure your estate goes to who you want it to go to then give us a call.


The death of a relative is a difficult time and the complexities of dealing with their estate can add stress to this situation.  At Paul Hampton Solicitors we can guide you through the process from obtaining the right documents from the Probate Registry, getting the Inheritance Tax done right, to collecting assets and selling property and avoiding nasty and expensive pitfalls along the way.

Powers of Attorney & Deputyship

It is estimated that our health has improved so much that the average life expectancy for men and women has increased by 5 years from 30 years ago and if in good health living into your nineties is not uncommon.  In order to make sure that you have the best support for your old age we suggest Lasting Powers of Attorney for your closest relatives.  If done in good time it gives you the power to control who has access to your assets and how much control they can have and removes the need for your relatives to apply to Court for the power to control your affairs.

If a Lasting Power of Attorney is not possible and your affairs need to be controlled by someone else such as your children, then they will make an application to the Court of Protection, a specialist court that is based in London.  The Court will only grant control over your affairs to someone else if you are medically proved to be mentally incapable.  We can help your relatives with all the Court papers needed.  We can even be appointed as deputies if there is no one else to take on this role.


Increasingly relegated to bad headlines about tax avoidance and sometimes evasion, Trusts are still a very good way of protecting assets for future generations.  We can advise on the creation and administration of Trusts both here and abroad and advise on taxation issues that result from having trusts, trustees and beneficiaries in different countries.